If you are new to the world of In Ear Monitoring (IEMs) we understand it might seem like a steep learning curve.
Here’s some general ideas, broken down by a particular role you might have in your band
You might do all 4. We don’t judge, we are here to help.


Live music rule #1: Let’s say you are asking for your wedges to be louder. The odds are the other folks in your band are doing the same thing. Newsflash, It’s only making the situation worse. It’s also most likely making it really annoying for the sound person to focus on their job. There are no winners here. Especially Your ears.

Now we hear you stages can be really LOUD and you need to hear yourself.   But let us tell you exposing yourself to that kind of volume and intensity for long stretched can mess up your hearing but good, and possibly permanently. Just ask Pete Townshend. Of Course you can use earplugs. Even the best earplugs, unfortunately, can alter the frequencies enough for the sound to seem muffled. IEMs keep out the sounds you don’t want while making sure you are getting the sounds you want to hear right into your ears. Because you have control over the elements in your mix, you can have a truly stereo mix of what is happening on stage. You will also likely listen at a lower overall volume. This, my friend, will lead to happier (and healthier ears) in the long and short run.  if you’re on tour, You’ll likely suffer much less day to day ear fatigue also!


Let’s talk about singing for a minute.  Singing is tough enough on your voice. Singing over loud guitars and drums just makes it so much worse.  When you can’t hear yourself you tend to force it. If you keep forcing it your might end up pushing your voice too hard. Push your voice too hard for too long and it will give out. You could damage your vocal chords permanently and *poof* there goes your singing career. IEMs will make it so you don’t have to scream over the rest of the band, plus you can choose a mix that make it easier to deliver a great performance. Who doesn’t love that?


If you have to take your PA with you (like weddings, worship services, corporate events or if you are lucky enough you are playing stadiums) you know the stuff is heavy. Wedges can weigh the neighborhood of 50 pounds! Plus they take up space on stage and in the van.  And then think about the super clean, professional look you’re giving your stage presentation. The folks who hired you for the event will be stoked especially if they have different aesthetic than a nightclub.


Maybe the best thing about IEMs is that you are in control of what and how you hear.  You might need to work with an Engineer to get the sound balance you are looking for, but with some systems, you can have total control over your individual mix. At the very least you will have a master volume on your body pack.  

When you are in control of what you hear, you will have more confidence, and that will come across in your performance.

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